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Selecting a Day 1 CPT School by Tuition

Understanding How Much You Need to Pay for Day 1 CPT


  • Tuition Cost

    Compared to traditional research-oriented universities, Day 1 CPT schools have much lower tuition fees. Typically, students need to pay an annual tuition fee of $8k-16k. Most Day 1 CPT schools accept the option of monthly payments, which makes the financial expense more affordable. Note that during the application process, students must submit a financial statement that demonstrates their ability to financially support their studies. 

        Most affordable Day 1 CPT schools include: New England College (around 8k/year); Humphreys University(around 9k/year); and University of the Potomac (around 11k/year)

  • Commutation Cost

    In addition to the tuition cost, students should also consider potential commutation costs, as attending on-site sessions might require cross-state travel and hotel accommodations. You may need to pay for flights, trains, buses, and hotels. Thus, it is wise to take these additional costs into consideration. Choosing a school that is closer to your place or has a lower on-site requirement can reduce these financial burdens.

  • Scholarship Opportunity

    Some Day 1 CPT universities might provide unique scholarship opportunities for students with outstanding academic performance, students who are socially and economically disadvantaged, and students in financial emergency. You may need to submit additional applications for these scholarships.


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Day 1 Cost & Financial Aid

Location Universities Credit Cost Estimated Annual Tuition
West Westcliff University $795 - $940 $12,265 - $12,825
CIAM $667 $12,000
Sofia University $583 $12,000
Humphreys University $375 $9,333
 Monroe College $580 - $919 $11,104 - $16,336
New England College $440 $9,352 - $10,167
Saint Peter's University $806 $17,365
McDaniel University $689 $10,335
Harrisburg University $830 $17,840
National Louis University $832 $14,976 - $18,960
  University of the Potomac $517 - $900 $11,125 - $11,840
Middle Trine University $575 - $700 $9,343 - $9,450
University of the Cumberlands $549 - $749 $11,500 - $12,500
Ottawa University $895 - $920 $16,670
Dallas Baptist University   $1,271 $15,252 

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