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Alhambra, CA

Quick Overview

Day 1 CPT Program

MBA - Project Management, Business Analytics

Enrollment Window

June 22 2024/ August 31 2024/ October 12 2024/ January 4 2025/ February 15 2025


Annual Tuition : $13,326 (scholarships available)

Key Advantages

location (near LA); cost (no additional fees); administrative efficiency; low student-teacher ratio; non-profit (H1B master's cap)


History and Accreditation


Located in Alhambra, Los Angeles, CIAM is conveniently near major freeways and only 15 minutes from downtown LA. The university offers a hybrid learning model, requiring only one on-campus attendance per semester, and provides six enrollment periods annually for flexibility.

Established in 2011 by Dr. William A. Cohen and Ms. Jennie Ta, CIAM flourishes under the patronage of Mr. Minglo Shao, its main benefactor and founder of the Peter F. Drucker Academy. With a 1:12 student-teacher ratio and an 84.6% graduation rate as of January 2020, CIAM is recognized by various authoritative bodies including BPPE, CHEA, USDOE, ACBSP, WSCUC, WASC, and DEAC.

The university collaborates with leading companies like Universal Studios and Coca-Cola, offering students real-world consulting experience. Emphasizing practical learning, CIAM has a unique, stress-free academic approach, with no exams, focusing on practical skills and experiences.

CIAM campus
  • Academic Policy
  • CPT Policy
  • Onsite Policy
  • Tuition and Scholarship

Academic Policy

  • CIAM offers 6 enrollment window annually for its Day 1 CPT Programs (Spring I & II, Summer I & II, Fall I & II).

  • CIAM employs a hybrid format for its graduate programs, which consist of 36 credits. The academic year is divided into three semesters, with students required to complete 6 credits (two courses) each semester. This includes one online course and one onsite course per semester. 

  • First-Hand On-Site Experiences

CPT Policy

  • Curriculum Requirement: Participation in a 0-credit internship course (INT501 or INT599) for at least one semester is mandatory for graduation. Students may opt for up to six semesters of internship courses.

  • Internship Courses:

    • INT501: Available in the first three semesters. pass/no pass

    • INT599: Available in the last three semesters, a 1-unit course.

  • CPT Application:

    • Submit INT 500 course application.

    • Provide an Employment Letter. See requirement here.

      • Must include company details, job specifics, employment period, work hours, and supervisor's contact.

      • CIAM offers individual case reviews for students unable to provide an Employment Letter. Alternatives such as Employment Verification or Job Description Webpage are acceptable. Contact us for more information.

    • Applications must be submitted at least one week in advance.

  • Students are required to renew CPT every semester. There is no gap between CPT authorizations.

Onsite Policy

  • Flexible Schedule: Attend 2-3 on-site classes per semester (4 months), with options for Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings, or Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Remaining courses are online.

  • Mandatory Onsite Class for International Students: Failure to attend can result in failing the course. More than one absence from on-site classes may lead to dismissal.

  • Leave Policy: Under specific circumstances, students may be excused from attending on-site classes with the approval of the professor, with no more than two absences permitted per semester.

Tuition and Scholarship




Total tuition fees (including CPT)

Annual average tuition

Master's Programs






For continuing students enrolled before fall 2024, they will pay $24,000 until they graduate.

Other Fees:

  • Application Fee (Contact us to waive): $75

  • STRF Fee (Non-Refundable): $60

  • CPT fee: $500 for from the third semester (free for the first two semesters)

  • INT/CPT Registration Fee: $50 for each term, INT501 Retake or INT599 Electives: $500 per term (The first INT501 & the first INT599 fees are included in the tuition)

  • no textbook fees



  • President's Scholarship/Women in Leadership Scholarship:

    • Female students with work experience can apply. A 300-500 word essay is required.

  • Management as a Liberal Art Scholarship:

    • Open to all students. A 300-500 word essay is required.

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship:

    • Students maintaining a GPA of 3.8 or higher can apply. Academic transcripts must be submitted.

The California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) offers a variety of scholarship options for students in the 2023-2024 academic year. Students with an undergraduate or graduate GPA above 3.8, those with outstanding community service experience, or those with entrepreneurial experience can seek assistance from us to apply for scholarships up to $3,000.

Day 1 CPT Program

  • Master's programs :
    • Requires completion of 36 credits;
    • The program includes 3 concentrations:
      • Executive Management (General)
      • Business Analysis
      • Project Management 
    • Typically finished in an average of 2.5 years, with the option to extend up to 3 years of study;
    • Can provide up to 2-3 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.
Master of Business Administration in Executive Management (General)

The MBA programs offers an in-depth education in responsible business management. It equips students with the skills to analyze social issues, devise sustainable solutions, and excel in key management practices. The curriculum encompasses strategic planning, leadership, and business planning, with a focus on finance and marketing, all directed towards societal improvement. To graduate, students need to complete 12 required courses (36 credits).


Required Courses (36 credits):

     - GB501: Global Business Concepts

Master of Business Administration in Executive Management (Business Analytics)

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for Management Analysts is expected to grow by 14% by 2026, outpacing the average growth rate in all sectors. Pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics prepares you with specialized skills in big data management and analysis, positioning you for competitiveness and success in a swiftly changing marketplace. To graduate, students need to complete 9 core courses (27 credits) and 3 concentration courses (9 credits).


9 Core Courses (27 credits): 

Master of Business Administration in Executive Management (Project Management)

The Project Management Institute forecasts a need for 87.7 million project management professionals by 2027, with a median salary of $105,000. By obtaining an MBA in Project Management, you will be bale to gain expertise in project analysis and management, positioning you as a prime candidate in a domain characterized by intricate and dynamic business projects. To graduate, students need to complete 9 core courses (27 credits) and 3 concentration courses (9 credits).


9 Core Courses (27 credits):


Concentration Courses (9 credits):

  • PM501: Project Management Fundamentals

  • PM502: Project Management in Practice

  • PM503: Organizational Project Management

Enrollment Window

  Semester Start Date Application Deadline
2024 Summer 1 May 04/2024 April 12/2024
2024 Summer 2 June 22/2024 May 31/2024
2024 Fall 1 August 31/2024 August 09/2024
2024 Fall 2 October 12/2024 September 20/2024
2025 Spring 1 January 04/2025  December 20/2024
2025 Spring 2 February 15/2025  January 31/2025


If you miss this deadline, please contact us. We can assist in expediting your application process and help you get your offer and I-20 in 3-5 days.


* For Initial F1 Students: Applications must be submitted at least 3 months before the start date of the term.

Application Requirements:

  • It is recommended that applicants have a minimum of one year of work experience (contact us to waive this requirement).

  • Must have an undergraduate degree.

  • International students must meet language proficiency requirements.

    • Language scores are waived for those who have earned a degree in the United States;

    • otherwise, the required scores are TOEFL 79+, IELTS 6.5+, or Duolingo 105+.


Application Guide

How to apply and waive the application fee?


1. Start the Application: Fill out the form below.

  • There is a $75 application fee, you can contact us to request a waiver before submitting your application.

  • As the official recruitment agent for CIAM, we can assist you with scholarship applications.


2. Upload personal application information, including: 

  • Bachelor's / Master's degree certificate, diploma, and official transcripts

  • Application fee of $75 USD (Please contact us before submitting the application to waive the fee)

  • Resume

  • Personal statement (300-500 words). The personal statement must answer the following questions:

    • How will the program help you to achieve your educational goals?

    • How will the program help you to achieve your career goals?

    • How will the program's curriculum help to achieve these goals?

    • What do you hope to gain from the MBA program?

    • How will the program help you in your goals to contribute to the community?

  • Passport

  • Bank Statement (minimum of $30,618 or equivalent in RMB), which can be provided by relatives, friends, or employers.

*Bank statement must be issued within the last 6 months. For a spouse applying for an F-2 visa, add $4,000; for each child on an F-2 visa, add $3,000. Note: Paystubs cannot replace proof of funds.

The processing of application typically takes 2-3 weeks; contact us in urgent cases for expedited processing, which can reduce the processing time to 1-3 days.

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