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Tampa, FL
Chicago, IL

Quick Overview

Day 1 CPT Program

DBA, MS Business Analytics

Enrollment Window

DBA (Tampa campus): August 23 2024/ January 10 2025 MS: July 1 2024/ September 23 2024/ January 13 2025


Annual Tuition : $14,976 - $18,960

Key Advantages

lower on-site frequency (1 per semester); non-profit (H1B master's cap)


History and Accreditation

National Louis University (NLU), a private university located in Chicago, Illinois, provides more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs through its four colleges. It has multiple campuses in the Chicago area and a regional campus in Tampa, Florida, serving students from 13 counties in central Florida.
National Louis University (NLU) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, one of the six major regional accrediting bodies in the United States. Additionally, NLU is actively engaged in the HLC's Academic Quality Improvement Program. Currently, National Louis University (NLU) ranks around 300th in the US News national university rankings and holds the 9th position in the US News rankings for Economic Diversity among American universities.
National Louis University
  • Academic Policy
  • CPT Policy
  • Onsite Policy
  • Tuition and Scholarship

Academic Policy

  • National Louis University (NLU)'s DBA program operates on a semester system, with three 16-week semesters each year.

  • The MS Business Analytics program at NLU operates on a quarter system, comprising four quarters in a year.

  • NLU's DBA and MS BA Programs feature a hybrid teaching model, requiring international students to enroll in at least two courses (totaling 6 credits) per semester.

  • The programs involves intensive on-campus sessions during the first weekend (Friday to Sunday) of the semester, followed by online coursework. For the remaining weeks of the semester, students can complete the courses online, utilizing the university's learning management system for their studies.

  • NLU does not allow students to take a leave for one semester.

CPT Policy

  • National Louis University (NLU) offers Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization to full-time international students, in accordance with USCIS and SEVIS regulations.

    • Students need to submit CPT application materials to the school's DSO, including an Offer Letter and employer-signed contractual agreements.

    • Once CPT is approved, students will receive a new I-20 and can start to work according to the CPT start date on the I-20.

    • CPT fees are included in the program cost; no additional fees are required for CPT.

    • Alternatives like Employment Verification are acceptable. Contact us for more information.

  • CPT requires renewal every academic year. There is no gap between CPT authorizations.

Onsite Policy

  • The DBA program at National Louis University (NLU) requires campus attendance once each semester, spanning an entire weekend.

  • MSBA program‘s students are required to take two courses each quarter. One of the two courses requires a campus visit once every quarter.

  • This amounts to just three campus visits per year, which is very manageable for students. Additionally, the tuition for the DBA program is highly cost-effective compared to other Day 1 CPT DBA programs.

Tuition and Scholarship

  • The DBA program has a fixed tuition fee of $4,992 per semester, which includes CPT costs. Students usually complete the program in 10 semesters; in this case total cost of the program is $49,920.

  • The tuition for the MS Business Data Analytics program is $4,740 per quarter. The entire program consists of five quarters. The total cost of the program is $23,700.



Currently, NLU does not offer scholarships for international students. However, applying through us allows for a waiver of the application fee.

Day 1 CPT Program

  • MS Business Data Analytics(STEM)

    • Requires completion of 30 credits;

    • Typically finished in an average of 15 months;

    • Can provide up to 1-2 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.


  • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) :

    • Requires completion of 60 credits;

    • Typically finished in an average of 40 months, with the option to extend up to a maximum of 48 months for graduation;

    • Can provide up to 4-5 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

This DBA program allows industry and academic professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge. It caters to business leaders aiming for executive roles and faculty seeking a top doctoral credential in business administration. The curriculum prepares students for advanced professional roles, entrepreneurship, consulting, or teaching at the college level. Designed for busy professionals, the program offers a blended format with online courses and a three-day on-campus experience per term in Tampa, FL, featuring workshops, orientations, assignments, and faculty consultations. To graduate, students need to complete 7 core courses (21 credits), 5 research courses (15 credits), concentration courses (12 credits), doctoral research courses (12 credits)


Core Courses (21 credits):

     - DBA 620 Holistic Management in Organizations (3 credits)

     - DBA 622 Managing Global Challenges (3 credits)

     - DBA 624 Marketing Strategy and Management (3 credits)  

     - DBA 626 Corporate and Global Finance (3 credits)

     - DBA 628 Advanced Operations Management (3 credits)

     - DBA 630 Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation (3 credits)

     - DBA 632 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3 credits)


Research Courses (15 credits):

        - RES 600 Introduction to Doctoral Studies and Research (3 credits) 

        - RES 610 Advanced Writing (3 credits) 

        - RES 650 Data-Driven Decision Making and Research (3 credits) 

        - RES 652 Quantitative Research Method (3 credits) 

        - RES 654 Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits) 


Management Concentration (12 credits):

        - DBA 650 Organizational Behavior (3 credits) 

        - DBA 652 Management Science (3 credits) 

        - DBA 654 Organizational Development and Change Management (3 credits) 

        - DBA 656 Strategic Team Management (3 credits) 


Doctoral Research (12 credits):

        - DBA 696 Doctoral Research I (3 credits) 

        - DBA 697 Doctoral Research II  (3 credits) 

        - DBA 698 Doctoral Research III  (3 credits) 

        - DBA 699 Doctoral Research IV (3 credits) 

MS Business Data Analytics

The MS program in Business Data Analytics prepares students for data analytics roles, teaching them to use tools and techniques for informed business decisions and compelling data narratives. Targeting early to mid-career professionals, it covers business analytics, big data management, predictive analytics, and more. Graduates will have the skills to improve organizational performance across various sectors, including HR, healthcare, banking, finance, and marketing. To graduate, students need to complete 3 foundation courses (9 credits), 1 capstone courses (3 credits), 6 core courses (18 credits).


Foundation Courses (9 credits):

     - BDA 500 Introduction to Business Data Analytics (3 credits)

     - BDA 502 Statistics for Business Data Analytics (3 credits)

     - RES 510 Critical Thinking and Research Skills (3 credits)  


Capstone Course (3 credits):

        - BDA 550 Business Analytics Capstone (3 credits) 


Core Courses (18 credits):

        - BDA 505 Security and Ethics for Business Data Analytics (3 credits) 

        - BDA 505 Big Data Management and Databases (3 credits) 

        - BDA 505 Data-Driven Decision and Strategy (3 credits) 

        - BDA 505 Predictive Analytics and Forecasting (3 credits) 

        - BDA 505 Data Visualization and Communication in Business Analytics (3 credits) 

        - BDA 505 Emerging Topics in Business Data Analytics (3 credits) 

Enrollment Window

DBA Program:

Semester Start Date
Application Deadline
Summer 2024 May 03/2024 April 19/2024
Fall 2024 August 23/2024 August 09/2024
Winter 2025 January 10/2025 December 27/2024
Summer 2025 May 09/2025 April 25/2025


MS Business Data Analytics Program:

Semester Start Date
Application Deadline
Summer 2024 July 01/2024 June 16/2024
Fall 2024 September 23/2024 September 08/2024
Winter 2024 January 13/2025 December 29/2024



National Louis University (NLU) offers three terms each year, with enrollment windows available for each term. If you miss this deadline, please contact us. We can assist in expediting your application process and help you get your offer and I-20 in 3-5 days.


* For Initial F1 Students: Applications must be submitted at least 3 months before the start date of the term.

Application Guide

How to apply and waive the application fee?


1. Start the Application: Fill out the form below.


2. Upload personal application information, including: 

  • Goal Statement: Upload a 2-page maximum statement evaluating your program qualifications.

  • Professional Resume: Submit a resume with at least 3 years of managerial or professional experience.

  • Academic Records: Provide all university transcripts. For U.S. degrees, include graduation date. Non-U.S. transcripts need NACES certified evaluation. A Master's degree with a 3.0 minimum GPA is required.

  • Recommendations: Two recent professional or academic references, excluding family members.

  • English Proficiency: Provide TOEFL (80 IBT), IELTS (6.5), PTE (54), or DET (105) scores, unless you have U.S. study/work experience.

  • Passport and Visa Documents: Upload passport photo page, visa, I-20, and I-94 if in the U.S.

  • Financial Proof: Show $22,000 USD support, plus additional for dependents.


3. Completion of an interview with a member of the program Admissions Committee


*The processing of application typically takes 2 weeks; contact us in urgent cases for expedited processing, which reduce the processing time to 1-3 days.

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