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Sofia University

Palo Alto, CA
Costa Mesa, CA

Quick Overview

Day 1 CPT Program

MBA, MBA - Data Analytics (STEM), MS in Computer Science (STEM), DBA

Enrollment Window

July 01 2024/ September 30 2024/ January 13 2025/ April 07 2025


Annual Tuition : $11,200 - $17,100 (monthly payment and scholarships available)

Key Advantages

Location (near SF and LA); STEM MBA program; scholarship opportunities


History and Accreditation


Founded in 1975 by Drs. Robert Frager and James Fadiman, Sofia University was initially known as the California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which was a training hub for psychologists. Over the years, it has evolved into a prestigious institution, recognized as one of the top universities in its region.

In 1998, Sofia University achieved a significant milestone by obtaining accreditation from the WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission), a hallmark of educational excellence shared with renowned institutions like Stanford University and UCLA. This accreditation represents the highest standard in higher education. Additionally, the university is accredited by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and the U.S. Department of Education, further solidifying its standing in the academic community.

Sofia University boasts two geographically convenient campuses in California. The first campus is situated at the heart of Silicon Valley, providing students with opportunities for technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The second campus, located in Southern California, offers proximity to the vibrant and diverse Los Angeles area. These ideal locations are a key factor in making Sofia University a top choice for students seeking Day 1 CPT on the West Coast.

Sofia University
  • Academic Policy
  • CPT Policy
  • Onsite Policy
  • Vacation Policy
  • Tuition and Scholarship

Academic Policy

  • Sofia University operates on a quarter system, featuring four quarters each year, with each quarter spanning 11 weeks.

  • A minimum of two 3-unit courses plus is one 0-unit CPT course are required for each quarter.

CPT Policy

  • CPT Application: students must submit an offer letter from a potential employer along with a CPT agreement, signed by a supervisor or an HR representative.

  • Alternatives such as Employment Verification are acceptable. Contact us for more information.

  • CPT requires renewal every quarter. There is no gap between CPT authorizations.

Onsite Policy

  • Sofia University's courses use a hybrid model that includes one online course and one onsite course.

  • Onsite course attendance is mandatory for F-1 students; failure to attend may result in the termination of F1 student status.

  • The university requires students to participate in classes on campus once per month (a total of three times per quarter).

  • Onsite classes are generally held from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • ⚠️During the first semester of the MS CS program, students are required to come to campus twice a month.

Vacation Policy

  • Students have the option to take a break for one quarter after finishing three consecutive quarters.

  • During this break, they are also eligible to engage in full-time CPT employment.

Tuition and Scholarship



Total tuition fees (excluding CPT)

Annual tuition

MS Computer Science




MBA - Data Analytics













Other Fees:

  • Application Fee (Contact us to get full refund upon admission) - $75

  • Acceptance Fee: $200

  • Orientation Fee: $50

  • I-20 Processing Fee: $100

  • CPT Fee for 0-Unit Course: $500 per quarter

  • Student Services Fee: $290 per quarter

  • Digital Badge Fee (paid by all MBA and MSCS new students): $50

  • Graduation Fee (participation in commencement is included): $175 


Sofia University provide scholarship opportunities for all admitted students, and scholarships are applied and approved on demand. (Contact us, we can provide you for scholarship application assistance!)

The scholarships are usually issued in each quarter to deduct tuition fees. Students can apply for more than one scholarship at a time, but they are usually selected for only no more than one of them.

  • Community Engagement & Social Advocacy Scholarship - $2,000

    • Requires a personal statement that describes how you are engaging with yourself, others, and your larger community.

  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship (for students interested in entrepreneurship) - $2,000

    • Requires a personal statement that describes how you will grow your current business or how you will overcome challenges for your future business.

  • Moving Humanity Forward Scholarship (for new students) - $2,000

    • Requires a personal statement that describes how you envision your study at Sofia will help you move humanity forward.

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarship - $4,000

    • This scholarship is for students of disadvantaged background and minorities.

  • International Students Scholarship (for international students) - $2,500

    • All F-1 students are encouraged to apply. Requires a personal statement that describes what you hope to obtain from education in the U.S.

  • Leadership Accelerated Scholarship (for DBA students) - Year 1: 30% tuition reduction; Year 2&3: 10% tuition reduction

    • Requires a personal statement that identifies your interest in accelerating your leadership to address global and local business challenges.  

  • Merit-Based Scholarship  - $5,000

    • Requires a  personal statement  explains why you are applying and what you hope to accomplish. Only offered in Fall and Winter.

CPT Program

  • Master's programs :
    • Requires completion of 36-48 credits;

    • Typically finished in an average of 18-30 months, with the option to extend up to a maximum of 3 years for graduation;

    • Can provide up to 2-3 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.

  • DBA program :
    • Requires completion of 54 credits;

    • Typically finished in an average of 3 years;

    • Can provide up to 4-5 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.

MS Computer Science (STEM) - 42 Units

This Program offers a up-to-date graduate curriculum. It lays a solid groundwork in fundamental computer science concepts while delving into the latest specialized areas within the field. The program not only covers the theoretical aspects of computer science but also provides practical and relevant insights across a spectrum of applied and advanced subjects. This is all set within an innovative STEM-focused WIL setting that seamlessly blends theory with hands-on experience. Students need to complete 8 core courses (24 units), 4 concentration courses (12 units), 1 elective course (3 units), and 1 capstone course (3 units). 


8 core courses (24 units):

        - MSCS 2103 Systems Programming

        - MSCS 3801 Data Visualization

        - MSCS 3802 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

        - MSCS 2401 Software Engineering

        - MSCS 2202 Data Science 

        - MSCS 2101 Machine Learning

        - MSCS 3804 Automata, Computation, Complexity

        - MSCS 3019 Cyber Security and Information Assurance


4 concentration courses from one concentration of your choice:

  • (1) Artificial Intelligence

    - MSCS 3805 Statistical Analysis for Computer Science

    - MSCS 2201 Artificial Intelligence

    - MSCS 3008 Introduction to Robotics

    - MSCS 3806 Advanced Topics in AI and Machine Learning

  • (2) Cybersecurity and information assurance

    - MSCS 3920 Cyber Security: Defense

    - MSCS 3921 Cyber Security: Forensics and Attack Analysis

    - MSCS 3922 Applied Cryptography

    - MSCS 2219 Advanced Threat Analysis

  • (3) Data Science

    - MSCS3020 Mining Massive Data Sets

    - MSCS3805 Statistical Analysis for Computer Science

    - MSCS3807 Data Modeling in Python and R

    - MSCS3809 Advanced Data Science

1 elective course (3 units)

        - A total of 3 units of electives in the computer science, psychology, or business programs must be completed.


1 capstone courses (3 units)

        - MSCS 1022 Technical Writing and Analysis for Computer Scientists: Capstone

Master of Business Administration - 36 Units

This program, emphasizing work integrated learning, offers students a thorough grounding in essential business principles and strategic decision-making. It prioritizes the cultivation of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which are significant for managers in diverse business scenarios. This program aims to equip graduates with the expertise, abilities, and a broader perspective essential for promoting a values-driven, data-informed business culture in a globally competitive landscape. Students need to complete 7 core courses (21 units), 4 advanced required courses (12 units), and 1 capstone course (3 units)


7 core courses (21 units):

     - MBA2001 Personality and Motivation

     - MBA2002 Positive Psychology for Business

     - MBA2003 Decision Science

     - MBA3002 Finance

     - MBA3005 Operations

     - MBA3006 Business Law and Ethics

     - MBA3008 Marketing 


4 elective required courses (12 units)

     - MBA4302 Organizational Psychology

     - MBA4401 Technology Innovation and Product Management

     - MBA4601 Marketing and Consumer Psychology

     - MBA4602 Sustainability and Global Leadership


1 capstone course (3):

     - MBA4001 Capstone

Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics - 48 Units

This program features an advanced curriculum centered on Data Analytics. As a STEM program, this program not only equips students business insights but also technical skills that are central to the contemporary business environment. 

Students must complete 48 credit, including 36 units from MBA courses and 12 units from the Data Analytics concentration. 


7 core courses (21 units):

     - MBA2001 Personality and Motivation

     - MBA2002 Positive Psychology for Business

     - MBA2003 Decision Science

     - MBA3002 Finance

     - MBA3005 Operations

     - MBA3006 Business Law and Ethics

     - MBA3008 Marketing 

4 elective required courses (12 units):

     - MBA4302 Organizational Psychology

     - MBA4401 Technology Innovation and Product Management

     - MBA4601 Marketing and Consumer Psychology

     - MBA4602 Sustainability and Global Leadership

1 capstone course (3 units):

     - MBA4001 Capstone


4 courses from the Data Analytics concentration (12 units):

    - MSCS 2401 Data Science

    - MSCS3019 Data Visualization 

    - MSCS3020 Mining Massive Data Sets 

    - MSCS3805 Statistical Analysis for Computer Science

    - MSCS3809 Advanced Data Science

    - MSCS3807 Data Modeling in Python and R


This 3-year DBA program offers an immersive, integrated experience for business leaders interested in applying academic research methods to address real-world challenges. It combines academic rigor, leadership evaluation, personal development, and a global perspective for tackling complex issues. Students are required to conduct a research-driven project and a leadership plan. Graduates will have a vast network of colleagues and leaders to foster ongoing innovation and change within the global community.



Phase I: Global Business & Transformational Leadership Engagement (18 units)

Term 1

     - GDBC6000 Critical Thinking and Business Communication (2 units)

     - GDBC6040 The Entrepreneurial Mind and Transpersonal Psychology (3 units)


Term 2

     - GDBC6010 Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Business Opportunities (3 units)

     - GDBC6020 Methods of Leading Change (2 units)


Term 3

     - GDBC6030 Mixed Methods Research for Business Opportunities (2 units)

     - GDBC6050 Transpersonal Leadership and Action Research (3 units) (GPHD7210)


Term 4

     - GDBC6020 Seminar: Business Challenges and Opportunities (2 units)

     - GDBC6900 Directed Studies (1 unit)


Phase II: Business Values and Global Leadership (18 units)

Term 1

     - GDBC7000 Psychology of Organizational Transformation (3 units)

     - GDBC7010 Globalization and Sustainability (2 units)


Term 2

     - GDBC7020 Technology, Innovation and Creativity in Business (3 units)

     - GDBC7030 Leadership and Ethics in the Global Economy (2 units)


Term 3

     - GDBC7040 Leadership by Design (2 units)

     - GDBC7050 Transformational Leadership in Organizations and Communities (3 units)


Term 4

     - GDBC7060 Doctoral Project & Leadership Opportunities (2 units)

     - GDBC6910 Directed Studies (1 unit)


Phase III: Leadership Responses to Global Business Challenges (18 units)

Term 1

     - GDBC8100 Doctoral Project Proposal & Pitch (2 units)

     - GDBC8200 Doctoral Project Leadership Plan (2 units)


Term 2

     - GDBC8300 Doctoral Project Implementation (2 units)

     - GDBC8400 Conflict and Innovation Lab (2 units)

Term 3

     - GDBC8300 Doctoral Project Implementation (2 units)

     - GDBC8600 Leadership Plan for the Future (2 units)


Term 4

     - GDBC8700 The Business Congress & Leadership Engagement (6 units) 

Enrollment Window

  Semester Start Date Application Deadline
2024 Summer July 01/2024   June 04/2024
2024 Fall  September 30/2024  September 03/2024 
2025 Winter January 13/2025 December 17/2024
2025 Spring April 07/2025 March 11/2025






If you miss this deadline, please contact us. We can assist in expediting your application process and help you get your offer and I-20 in 3-5 days.


* For Initial F1 Students: Applications must be submitted at least 3 months before the start date of the term.


Please note that initial F1 students are required to wait 9 months after enrollment before they are eligible to use CPT for employment. In contrast, transfer F1 students may begin using CPT for work starting from their first semester of enrollment.

Application Guide

How to apply and waive the application fee?


1. Start the Application: Fill out the form below.

  • There is a $75 application fee, you can contact us to request a waiver before submitting your application.


2. Upload personal application information, including: 

  • Identification Documentation : A copy of your Passport or Driver’s License (ID).

  • Academic Transcripts : Official transcripts from all educational institutions you have attended.

  • Foreign Transcript Evaluation : provide a foreign transcript evaluation (if applicable).

  • English Proficiency : submit your English proficiency test result (if applicable).

  • Financial Documentation : provide a bank statement indicating a minimum of $30,417 (within the past 6 months).

  • Affidavit of Support : provide an Affidavit of Support (if applicable).

  • Immigration Documentation:

    • Copy of Passport

    • Current I-20 Visa (if applicable)

    • Current I-94 (if applicable)

    • Current I-797A (if applicable)

    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD Card) if applicable.

The processing of application typically takes 5-7 business days; contact us in urgent cases for expedited processing, which can reduce the processing time to 1-3 days.


3. After receiving the admission letter, pay a $200 Acceptance Fee and coordinate with the instructor to determine the SEVIS transfer date. Complete the SEVIS transfer form to transfer your SEVIS record from your current school to Sofia University.


4. Before the start of the semester, you need to send your official transcripts to the following address:

  • Email your official electronic transcripts to

  • Or, mail your official paper transcripts to: Sofia University Registrar Office, 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA, 94303.

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