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Humphreys University

Stockton, CA

Quick Overview

Day 1 CPT Program


Enrollment Window

July 01 2024/ September 30 2024/ January 01 2025/ April 01 2025


Annual Tuition : $9,333

Key Advantages

STEM program; location (near SF); low tuition cost; non-profit (H1B master's cap)

History and Accreditation


Humphreys University, previously known as Humphreys College, is a distinguished private, non-profit university with two campuses in Modesto and Stockton, California, USA. Established in 1896, the university has played a significant role in California's higher education landscape, offering effective teaching and fostering an environment conducive to growth. It has produced numerous professionals in business, law, and education. The university provides various degree programs and resources to support students in initiating and advancing their careers. Offering associate, bachelor's, master's, and J.D. degrees, Humphreys University caters to a diverse student body. 

Nationally, Humphreys University is ranked 29th in the U.S. West by US News and 37th for social mobility. The university is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Its law school holds accreditation from the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California, allowing graduates to practice in the California judicial system. Additionally, the education program is accredited by The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, granting graduates the opportunity to work within the California education system.

Humphreys University
  • Academic Policy
  • CPT Policy
  • Onsite Policy
  • Vocation Policy
  • Tuition and Scholarship

Academic Policy

  • Humphreys University's full-time MBA-IT program fully complies with all USCIS and SEVIS regulations for international students.

  • The MBA-IT is a full-time hybrid program, blending online and in-person instruction.

  • Each quarter, which is 11 weeks, students are required to take two 4-credit courses. 

  • The on-site sessions of the courses are held over one weekend (two days) each quarter. There is a two-week break between quarters.

CPT Policy

  • Internship is an integral part of the program, allowing students to be authorized for CPT from the first day of the program and throughout the entire 27-month duration without any gaps or interruptions.

  • CPT Application

    A CPT agreement signed by the employer is typically required, but there's an option to request a waiver, which is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact us.

    *Offer letter is not required to apply for CPT.

  • CPT requires renewal every  academic year. There is no gap between CPT authorizations.

Onsite Policy

  • Students are required to attend a two-day onsite course each semester (over the weekend).

  • Failure to attend may result in the termination of F1 student status. 

Vocation Policy

  • After enrollment in the program, the 4th and 8th semesters are mandatory annual breaks, during which students can continue working under CPT authorization.

Tuition and Scholarship

  • Fixed Tuition Fee: $3,000 per semester, with no extra charge for using CPT.

  • Payment Deadline: Tuition must be paid before the semester begins.

  • Total Program Tuition: $21,000, averaging $9,333 annually.


* day1cptcolleges is official enrollment representative for Humphreys University. Contact us for scholarship application information.

Day 1 CPT Program

  • Master's programs :
    • Requires completion of 56 credits;

    • Typically finished in an average of 3 years;

    • Can provide up to 3-4 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.

Master of Business Administration - Information Technology (STEM)

Our MBA program offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at advancing the skills and knowledge of business professionals. Tailored for both established and aspiring business leaders, the program delves into a thorough exploration of theoretical and practical business concepts. It emphasizes skill development for effective leadership and decision-making. Participants will engage in coursework led by experienced leaders, gaining practical insights from real-world scenarios.

The Information Technology concentration equips students with practical decision-making abilities tailored for roles like Chief Technology Officer, Computer Information Systems Manager, Senior Project Manager, and IT Director. To graduate, students must complete 11 core courses (44 units) and 3 concentration courses (12 units).


Core Courses (44 units)

     - MBA 301 Financial Accounting

     - MBA 303 Managerial Accounting for Decision-Making

     - MBA 305 Marketing Management

     - MBA 306 Macroeconomics: Business Conditions

     - MBA 307 Microeconomics: Decision-Making

     - MBA 320 Organizational Behavior

     - MBA 321 Data Analysis for Decision-Making

     - MBA 345 Operations and Supply Chain Management

     - MBA 370 Corporate Financial Management

     - MBA 385 Strategic Management Capstone

     - MBA 395 International Management


Information Technology Concentration (12 units)

     - MBA 393 Networking in Business Environments

     - MBA 394 Data for Business Environments

     - MBA 395 International Management

Enrollment Window

  Semester Start Date Application Deadline Onsite Date
2024 Summer July 01/2024 June 17/2024 July 6-7, 2024
2024 Fall September 30/2024 September 16/2024 Oct 5-6, 2024
2025 Winter January 01/2025 December 18/2024 TBD
2025 Spring April 01/2025 March 18/2025 TBD



If you miss this deadline, please contact us. We can assist in expediting your application process and help you get your offer and I-20 in 3 days.


* If you are F-1 transfer student (Valid SEVIS), the application deadline is two weeks before the official start of classes. Otherwise, the deadline is eight weeks prior to the official class start date.

Application Guide

How to apply and waive the application fee?


1. Start the Application: Fill out the form below.

  • The application fee is $40. As an official recruitment partner of Humphreys University, we can help you waive the application fee (contact us).

2. Upload personal application information, including: 


Degree Certificate and Transcripts

  • All university transcripts (even if no degree was obtained)
  • Degree certificates
  • Non-U.S. university degrees must be accredited by ECE, WES, Educational Perspectives, or any NACES-accredited agency
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
Proof of English Proficiency (if no prior U.S. degree)
  • TOEFL score of 80 or above, with no section below 18
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or above
  • Duolingo score of 105 or above
Passport Documents
  • Passport photo page
  • U.S. visa page, current I-20, and most recent I-94 form (if applicable)
Financial Proof
  • Required amount: $26,000
  • Acceptable documents: bank statements, loan documents, credit card statements showing sufficient credit limit, sponsor's letter of support, and bank verification.


The processing of application typically takes 5-7 business days; contact us in urgent cases for expedited processing, which can reduce the time to 1-3 days.

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