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Get Your Customized List of Day 1 CPT Universities and Secure Your Work Authorization

Book a free consultation with us by completing the form below to discuss what Day 1 CPT schools are most suitable for you. We fully understand anxieties and unique challenges faced by international students, and we are committed to helping you continue your U.S. journey.


Apply through us and get the benefits below: 

  1. Application fee waived! ($30-$100 for each school);
  2. FREE consultation: Help you choose the most suitable school and program; track and expedite your application process
  3. Invitations to Admitted students' WhatsApp/Facebook groups
  4. Referral Bonus of $200 USD to you and your friend
  5. Free 25-minute consultation for Change of Status with an immigration attorney

Note : Your privacy and data security are our top priorities. Your information will be kept confidential and used solely for the assessment of your individual circumstance.

After submitting the form, expect a response from our educational consultants within 48 hours.

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