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Jersey City, NJ

Quick Overview

Day 1 CPT Program

MS Business Analytics (STEM),MS Data Science (STEM)

Enrollment Window

September 03 2024/ November 25 2024/ March 03 2025


Annual Tuition : $14,508 - $15,606

Key Advantages

location (near New York City); STEM programs; non-profit (H1B master's cap)


History and Accreditation

Established in 1872 as Saint Peter's College, Saint Peter’s University started as an independent undergraduate liberal arts institution. For over 120 years, it has been an educational pillar in Hudson County, Bergen County, Essex County, and the surrounding areas. As a non-profit institution, the university is dedicated to providing quality education. It is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). The Master of Science in Nursing program holds accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and the School of Business is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.

Saint Peter’s University currently enrolls 3,430 students, including 1,210 international students. It was ranked 6th among the 'Best Value Schools' in the Northern region by the 2022 U.S. News & World Report. The university offers more than 50 undergraduate programs and 13 graduate programs. With 118 full-time professors, the student-to-faculty ratio stands at 12:1, and the average class size is 22 students.

Saint Peter's University
  • Academic Policy
  • CPT Policy
  • Onsite Policy
  • Tuition and Scholarship

Academic Policy

  • Trimester system with four 11-week terms annually.

  • Main courses offered in Spring, Autumn, and Winter; limited courses in Summer.

  • Hybrid course format each term: Two courses (6 credits total): one online, one on-site.

  • Compliant with immigration requirements for F-1 international students.

CPT Policy

  • CPT Internship: Mandatory for program completion; relevant work or research internships required for international students without 3+ years of work experience.

  • F-1 Student Authorization: Eligibility for CPT work authorization from the first semester of classes.

  • CPT Application Requirements: Cooperative Agreement, official offer letter, and detailed job description from the employer.

  • University Credentials: Saint Peter's University is known for its strict onsite attendance, national and regional accreditation, and is unlikely to face USCIS qualification issues for H1B applications.

Onsite Policy

  • Onsite Attendance Requirement: Two weekends (Saturday to Sunday) per trimester.

  • Missing a weekend session results in an 'absent' record for the entire trimester.

  • Consequence of Absence: Immediate termination of the student's F-1 status.

Tuition and Scholarship


Credit Cost

Total Tuition

Annual Tuition

MS Data Science




MS Business Analytics





Non-tuition fee:

  • Graduate Student Fee: $50 per trimester

  • Microsoft Software Package Fee: $100

  • Orientation Fee (New Graduate Students, one-time): $150


* day1cptcolleges is official enrollment representative for Saint Peter's University. Contact us for scholarship application information.

Day 1 CPT Program

  • Master's programs :
    • Requires completion of 30-36 credits;

    • Typically finished in an average of 18-20 months;

    • Can provide up to 2-3 additional opportunities for H1B lottery.

MS Data Science (STEM) - 36 Credits

The rapid expansion of Big Data in recent years has significantly increased the demand for Data Scientists across various industries. This MS program in Data Science is designed to cultivate professionals for advanced roles in data science, catering to the needs of one of the world's most rapidly expanding job sectors. To graduate, students need to complete 9 core courses (27 credits) and 3 elective courses (9 credits).


9 Core Courses (27 credits):

        - DS 510 Introduction to Data Science (3 credits)

        - DS 520 Data Analysis and Decision Modeling (3 credits)

        - DS 530 Big Data and Data Management (3 credits)

        - DS 542 Python in Data Science (3 credits)

        - DS 600 Data Mining (3 credits)

        - DS 620 Data Visualization (3 credits)

        - DS 630 Machine Learning (3 credits)

        - DS 650 Data Law, Ethics & Bus Intel (3 credits)

        - DS 670 Capstone: Big Data and Business Analytics (3 credits)


Choose 3 from Elective Courses (9 credits):

        - DS 540 Statistical Programming (3 credits)

        - DS 605 Financial Computing and Analytics (3 credits)

        - DS 610 Big Data Analytics (3 credits)

        - DS 621 Data Analytics with PowerBI (3 credits)

        - DS 640 Predictive Analytics & Financial Model (3 credits)

        - DS 680 Marketing Analytic & Operation Research (3 credits)

        - DS 690 Data Science and Health (3 credits)

MS Business Analytics (STEM) - 30 Credits

The MS in Business Analytics program is an excellent option for students seeking for higher positions in the business field. According to Market Research Futures, the global content analytics market is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 22% from 2016 to 2023. Hosted by the Data Science Institute at Saint Peter’s University, this program equips professionals with essential knowledge in analyzing business trends. Key areas of focus include strategic management, finance, and advanced techniques in data analysis and visualization. To graduate, students need to complete 9 core courses (27 credits) and 1elective courses (3 credits).


9 Core Courses (27 credits):

        - DS 510 Introduction to Data Science (3 credits)

        - DS 520 Data Analysis and Decision Modeling (3 credits)

        - DS 650 Data Law, Ethics & Bus Intel (3 credits)

        - DS 542 Python in Data Science (3 credits)

        - GB 622 Management Economics (3 credits) or EC 502 Advanced Microeconomics

        - DS 660 Business Analytics (3 credits)

        - GB 530 Corporate Finance (3 credits)

        - DS 680 Marketing Analytics & Operation Research (3 credits)

        - DS 621 Business Analytics With Power Bi (3 credits)


Choose 1 from Elective Courses (3 credits):

        - Elective chosen from GB, DS, CO, FN or AC. 

Enrollment Window


  Start Date Application Deadline
Summer  2024
May 20/2024
April 01/2024
Fall 2024
September 03/2024 August 01/2024
Winter 2024
November 25/ 2024
October 01/2024
Spring 2025
March 03/ 2025
February 01/2025




If you miss this deadline, please contact us. We can assist in expediting your application process and help you get your offer and I-20 in 3 days.


* If you are F-1 transfer student (Valid SEVIS), the application deadline is two weeks before the official start of classes. Otherwise, the deadline is eight weeks prior to the official class start date.




Application Guide

How to apply and waive the application fee?


1. Start the Application: Fill out the form below.

  • As an official recruitment partner of Saint Peter's University, we can help you waive the application fee (contact us).


2. Upload application information, including: 

  • I-20 Form

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Resume

  • Statement of Purpose (Not required for candidates with a U.S. Master's degree and U.S. work experience)

  • Two Letters of Recommendation (Not required for candidates with a U.S. Master's degree and U.S. work experience)

    * Recommendation letters should cover:

    • Duration and context of acquaintance with the applicant.

    • Applicant's strengths.

    • Areas for potential growth or improvement.

    • Applicant's interpersonal skills.

  • Official Transcript (Minimum GPA of 3.0. For lower GPAs, please consult us. Initially, submit an unofficial transcript; an official transcript is required upon admission)

  • Language Proficiency Scores: TOEFL IBT (minimum 79) or IELTS (minimum 6.5). (Waived for applicants with a U.S. degree)

  • Proof of Financial Resources (Recent 3-month bank statement showing a minimum balance of $30,800 or equivalent in RMB. If the account is not in the applicant's name, a sponsor form is required.)


The processing of application typically takes 5-7 business days; contact us in urgent cases for expedited processing, which can reduce the processing time to 1-3 days.


3. After receiving the admission letter, confirm the SEVIS transfer date with the International Student Office at your current school. Complete the SEVIS Transfer Form to transfer your SEVIS record to Saint Peter’s University.

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